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Manuel Peichl
fotograf und Filmemacher in Stockholm, Uppsala & Umgebung


Sängerin bei einem Musikevent - Fotografiert von Manuel Peichl aus Stockholm


Corporate Event in den Düsseldorfer Design Offices - Fotografiert von Manuel Peichl aus Stockholm


DJ Philmore

„Die Zusammenarbeit mit Manuel war großartig und das Shooting mit ihm hat viel Spaß gemacht. Ich denke das Ergebnis spricht für sich!“

Meine Foto- und Videodienstleistungen werden auf dein Event individuell zugeschnitten. Ich übernehme dabei alle wesentlichen Schritte für Dich Von der Konzeption, Produktion, Postproduktion bis zur Distribution.   


About me
Manuel Peichl.png


mein Name ist Manuel Peichl und ich bin nebenberuflicher Fotograf & Filmemacher aus Stockholm, Uppsala Und Umgebung mit dem Fokus auf Eventfotografie.

Seitdem ich denken kann, beschäftige ich mich mit der Fotografie und über die Jahre hinweg hat sich daraus eine echte Leidenschaft entwickelt. 

Mit meinen Bildern & Videos Erzähle ich authentische & Zeitlose Geschichten und halte echte Emotionen von deinem Event fest.

Wenn Du mehr Über mich erfarhen möchtest, kannst Du gerne auf meinen Social-Media Kanälen vorbeischauen:

Get in Touch

Jede Story ist einzigartig und deswegen sind auch die Rahmenbedingungen für eine Zusammenarbeit immer individuell. Was hältst Du davon, wenn wir uns einfach unverbindlich zu deinem Anliegen austauschen und Kennenlernen?



  • Why should I hire a professional event photographer?
    Today anyone can take photos quickly and easily, but even when it matters most? An event photographer specializes in capturing the important moments of an event in the highest quality.
  • Why are images and videos so important for my marketing?
    Every person consumes several hours of media content every day, and as a result, the relevance of digital channels for companies and brands increases. In order to be represented professionally on these channels, qualitative images and videos are of elementary importance. As an event photographer, I will help you to tell your story correctly. For me, that also means adapting your content to the respective channel in order to increase your reach.
  • What do you focus on as an event photographer?
    In short, I value quality over quantity. In the context of events, it is particularly important to me to capture the unique atmosphere of an event. An atmospheric event, be it a congress, festival, concert or private celebration, consists of many small details. My job as a photographer and filmmaker is to capture those subtleties that make the difference. At the end of the day, I want my pictures and videos to convey the feeling that you were there live.
  • How would you describe your photographic style?
    I want to capture authentic moments with my pictures and videos. I deliberately keep my own look minimalist and timeless, so that you will still like my pictures even after several years. Ultimately, however, it is important to me that you like the pictures of the event. I stage your company and your brand the way you want it to be. So if you have a specific idea, let's vote for it.
  • For which events can I book you?
    In principle you can book me for private and business events. This includes: corporate events, conferences, congresses, anniversaries, trade fairs, after-work events e.g. summer parties or Christmas parties, marketing events, festivals, parties, concerts, club events, sporting events, religious celebrations e.g. baptisms, weddings, birthdays & many more.
  • How can I book you for my event?
    You can send me booking inquiries quickly and easily by email to send. I will then get in touch with you as soon as possible.
  • For how many hours can I book you?
    In principle, you always book me for a whole day (8 hours). A booking over several days is also possible and then consists of several daily bookings.
  • What costs should I expect when making a booking?
    Each event is individual and it is therefore difficult to give a flat price. For a better overview I have created a price list, which I would be happy to make available to you. Just send me a short email to
  • Who will photograph my event on site?
    Normally I will document your event. If a larger team is required, we will coordinate this in advance.
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